Delayed openings and early dismissals:
In the case of a delayed opening, the program will begin one hour before school begins.

In the case of an early dismissal due to weather, or any other circumstances that may cause harm to children or teachers, the program will be cancelled to ensure the safety of everyone. If you are unsure about an early dismissal, call 201-390-5663. You may need to use your emergency numbers.

Emergency evacuation plan:
In the event of an emergency the programs will follow these evacuation plans:

  • Roosevelt: exit school and proceed to Continental Ave to Elm Ave and reconvene at the library. Emergency contacts will be notified in the event either parent cannot be reached.
  • Cherry Hill/NBC: exit school and proceed to Stepping Stone Nursery School (340 Bogert Road). Emergency contacts will be notified in the event either parent cannot be reached.

Dismissal from the program:
All parents and children must follow the guidelines of the program. Failure to comply with the guidelines listed below will result in dismissal from the program.

  • Excessive late pick-ups and late payments may be a reason for dismissal from the program.
  • Your child will be dismissed from the program if s/he displays any of the following: Obscene behavior, abusive language, hitting, fighting, pushing, or any act of physical violence or harassment towards a staff member or student.
  • At the discretion of the Director and/or Board of Trustees, parents will be notified immediately by phone and will receive a follow up letter stating the reason for dismissal and the timeline that will allow the parent to make alternate arrangements.

Personal Electronics Policy:
The River Edge Extended Day Care Program prohibits the use of personal electronics, i.e. hand-held games, cell phones, Apple watches, etc. while in attendance at the before school and after school program.

The Board of Trustees’ primary responsibility is for the safety of your children while under the care of the before school and after school program staff.  Personal electronics would be a distraction for your child, as well as a concern and responsibility for staff to monitor appropriate use.

An example of this concern would be your child’s communication with people outside the program while being supervised within the REEDCP program. Staff would not be privy to the persons in communication with your child, thus possibly leading to a dangerous situation.  Other concerns would be devices being damaged or lost.

As of this date, February 26, 2016, children enrolled in the before school and after school program are not allowed to use personal electronics while in attendance. Staff has the right to demand that electronic devices be put away in backpacks or taken away and returned when parents pick up their child from the program.

Other information:
If you do not want your child to work on homework during the allotted homework time, we must receive written notification.

If you wish to let your child sign himself out, you must send a note saying so. No child will be allowed to leave without this information.

Program phone numbers: 

Cherry Hill/ New Bridge Center: 201-967-5524
Roosevelt: 201-390-5663
Do not call the main office of your child’s school.